Which operating system would be better for web development

Which operating system would be better for web development

It is true that WEBstorm is not free but is the best product I used till now , and they have free lincense for students .


Moving to another operation system can be difficult itself. Different control, different drivers for external devices (printer, scaner, modem etc…), different file formats ,programs, different structure of files in disk…So think about it before moving do not get into troubles
The simplest moving for web developing, when you use primary online tools Like here freecodecamp, codepen, and many others


Hi, it is a bit misleading that it is free for students, WEBSTORM that is. It is free for students to formal institutions that is acknowledge by JetBrain. Basically no university or college e-mail address, formal agreement in between JetBrain and the institution you study with or a formal letter acknowledging you are student, you cannot get a free license. So basically you cannot use it if you use FCC…


Ubuntu is the best operating system for web development.


If your budget enough to buy Mac then I’ll always recommend you for it. But budget is the problem for you then Ubuntu is the best choice.
Currently I’m on Ubuntu it’s very clean and fluent OS.:heart_eyes: