While loop issue with Prompt (Adding numbers on Prompt)

While loop issue with Prompt (Adding numbers on Prompt)

Adding two number with prompt input. Pretty simple. The problem is if the user clicks OK without any input or inputs a string, i want the prompt to keep repeating itself. But here, it just repeats once and then disappears.

I wrote this -

<button id='add'> Add </button>

function add() {
    var xp = prompt("First Number");
  while(xp === "" || isNaN(xp) ) {
    var xp = prompt("Please, Enter First Number");
  if (xp) {
  var pt = prompt("Second Number");
    while(pt === "" || isNaN(pt) ) {
    var pt = prompt("Please, Enter Second Number");
    var po = parseInt(xp);
    var co = parseInt(pt);
    var yoo = po+co;
    if (isNaN(yoo)) {
    else {

document.getElementById('add').addEventListener("click", function(){

Link - JS Bin
Help !


It’s Firefox.

Working perfectly on Chrome.


Works for me on Firefox as well.


I can only suggest you use better variable naming :slight_smile:

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I see in the console there is suggestion to add
// noprotect
as the first line of your JS file. Try it.


@jenovs Thanks. Seems like it’s JS Bin that’s causing the problem in Firefox.


This ^^^

I know they call it ‘coding’, but that doesn’t mean you should aim to be indecipherable! :slight_smile:

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