Why can't I see my projects?

Why can't I see my projects?


I’m new here, so maybe this is a stupid question. Thank you for your patience:

I went through and finished the five JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Projects. They are all checked in the curriculum. But on the front page it says I have finished zero projects, why is this??

Is it because I didn’t do the preceding lessons?


Hi @rydbert,

To get the certificate and finish projects:

1- Click on your profile picture
2- Scroll down with your mouse and find Academic Honesty Policy you should read it and accept it to get the certificate.

Hope this help you, good luck my friend.

Ali Mosaad


Thank you @ali-admin for taking the time to respond.

However, I already did accept the Academic Honesty Policy. The settings page clearly says “You have accepted our Academic Honesty Policy.”

I also did change the setting to make certifications public, but didn’t get a certification either, which maybe I’m also supposed to have gotten. But the coding challenges seem to be counted.


Good luck @rydbert and have a happy coding :slight_smile:


There should be a section for each certificate on your settings page. Right now I believe that the button to claim the certificates is not working properly.


Thanks for your input. I don’t see any button or section like that in the Settings.

And, either way, I don’t know if such a button would work as it still says I have finished 0 projects.


Hello again,

I hoped that waiting a little bit might solve the problem. Now, on my page there are things to allow me to complete my projects, which I don’t recall being there before, so I guess that’s progress.

The Javascript projects all have buttons to “Complete Project”. However, the buttons don’t work as I just get an empty page with an error message that says “Sorry, we couldn’t find a page for that address.”

So, I still cannot finish my projects, and I still don’t know what to do about this. The projects are still checkmarked in my curriculum. I would really appreciate if anyone could help out with this.