Why do i have to use VPN to open freecodecamp.org?

Why do i have to use VPN to open freecodecamp.org?


i dont know why from last 2-3 days i have to use vpn to open freecodecamp.org?


Your ISP is blocking learn.freecodecamp.org (or, more likely, the service it’s hosted on). This is at the discretion of your ISP and FCC has no control over it.


Your IP without VPN might not be allowed on FreeCodeCamp or maybe FreeCodeCamp is blocking your IP. thats why it is working with VPN.


to hide from ISP you need vpn but not everytime


Huh, strange. I’m not sure about FreeCodeCamps DDoS protection/rate limiting but it’s possible that someone else near you has done a lot of attacks/DDoS on FreeCodeCamp and their IP was blocked. Then, because IP addresses are dynamic, you got the “bad” IP when your IP address changed. Try unplugging and plugging your modem back in to get a new IP address.

EDIT: Do other sites work or are you on something like University/Dorm WiFi? Some of those filters are whitelist-only and FreeCodeCamp might not get through.


i dont even have a vpn