Why does my heading "act" as a link?

Why does my heading "act" as a link?


Hey all. I’m building my personal portfolio page.
At the bottom where it says: " Did you like my work? Contact me here"
It acts as a link, even though I only nested it in h3 tags.
How can I make it a simple heading?


You didn’t close the anchor tag that you initiated for “celebrity tribute page”.


Hi, I see at line 26 in de editorview in codepen there is a link that isn’t closed, this one:

  <a href="https://codepen.io/wheyskills/full/YvvROQ/" target="_blank" class="project_link">

So the linking continues…


Great, thanks a lot!


Another thing I noticed is that I don’t see the js script from FCC that tests the page. Why does that happen?


In your editor or on your page?


Both. I have the script but it just doesn’t show.


i can see the test script both on your page as well as editor.


Turns out it was my chrome extension “Privacy Badger” which was blocking the script.