Why we need seo for website

Why we need seo for website

is their any one who can explain me that why we need seo for our website?
i know some of the people will say are you mad you don’t know why we need it!
but i really don’t know about it.



Search Engine Optimization - self explanatory. To optimize your website for search engines. If it’s important to you that people see your site in search engines, then SEO should be important to you.



then through which channels we can optimize our website



SEO is quite a large field. There are a few well-known best practices (avoid repeated content, write quality articles and get them shared on other well-respected sites, use metadata, keep your page load times as low as possible), but there’s a lot more to it than that once you get really into the details.

More than any other topic, I’d suggest you start with Googling this one; the top few results are guaranteed to have a good grasp of the subject, because otherwise they wouldn’t be the top results!

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Can you share some tactics which you use to boost your website?



Most of the tactics I’ve seen/read about, and I might add who knows how much they actually do to raise your SEO are usually:

Meta keywords
Meta description
Mobile version of the site available
Mobile site loading speed
Desktop version loading speed
Optimized images (faster loading, alt tags, maybe even compressed)
Back links
In-page links
Relevant/Quality webpage content (or what Google considers relevant and of quality)
Little to no repeated content
Header tags
Title tag
Frequently updated content (product listings, blogs, etc)
Social media connections

I usually set up Google analytics, webmaster tools and always submit my sites to Google to let it get crawled. Again there’s a lot of debate about what actually raises your listings/score. But most of the stuff I listed above should be done anyway. Like loading optimization, a mobile version of the site, good content that’s regularly updated, sitemap availability (helps search engine bots to index your site), and the robots.txt helps keep parts of the directory hidden that you don’t want indexed. Adding alt tags to your images helps people with sight disabilities using screen readers. And I’m assuming having a social media presences wouldn’t hurt either lol.

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I would add using proper semantic HTML5 elements in your HTML instead of just “div soup” all over.



Absolutely! Even from just a visual standpoint, the cleaner and more streamlined the code, the better.

You know you have a problem when you look at your source code and all you see is this:



Okay i got it!
but what about of-page optimization,
I have a side it was ranking but not on first page, to what would i do.
i do blog comments, forums, guest post, web 2.0 and others, and it was unpaid, can any one guide me about what to do next but it should be unpaid.



First page ranking is something that takes time. Again, Google likes to see content relevant to that website that’s regularly updated. It likes to see people going there. It likes to see people sharing your site elsewhere. And it has to be able to crawl/index your site properly.

I’d love to give you an exact time frame it would take to get a page 1 ranking, but it’s hard to say.

The best you can do is optimize with the stuff people have mentioned above, submit your website for indexing, keep it updated and increase where it links to and where it’s linked back from. That doesn’t mean spamming your site url everywhere of course. You should only post links to your site where it’s appropriate.

Bottom line, you want people to visit your site (steady traffic) and like what’s on it enough to link it elsewhere (back links) and hopefully keep returning to it. Which is why quality content and usability is so very important. You might have fantastic articles but if the site is impossible to navigate or doesn’t work on mobile devices you’re out of luck. It’s the same on the flip side where you have a fantastic working site but nothing really of value on it.

Do you have your own personal website? Like a portfolio with perhaps a blog? Blogging is a great way to generate content on a regular basis.



It’s scary accurate how Google can judge the content of your site and appropriately rank it in their search results.

There is no quick, easy golden-ticket to reach #1 ranking. Make your website relevant/important/trusted/and authority for that topic/keywords you’re targetting, and pretty soon Google will rank you in the top 10, or even top 3 of Google search results.

There are a lot of other factors that affect ranking… like how long your domain has been registered, how long your website has been operating, how many other important sites/people link back to you, etc. These are weighted heavily by Google, as older sites means they’ve been around longer, and if a lot of sites have linked to it, then it’s likely to be an authority on that subject matter.

I say just worry about making quality content on your website, keep it fresh and up-to-date regularly, and before you know it, Google will be ranking you higher and higher in the search results. It’s hard work, slow and steady progress is the key. Don’t game Google, as you’ll get penalized and maybe even dropped off the search results.

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By doing SEO you can increase the traffic of your website.



Importance of SEO for websites-

  1. It can help you build your brand
  2. An optimized website earns more traffic
  3. It helps your target audience find your site
  4. It boosts your credibility and authority
  5. It can help you stay ahead of your competitors


Hi Nicole,

Hope your website is fully optimized now, if you can also help us sharing some of basic and true points which makes helps to your websites and why is the seo important.

Even I have also heard and read that SEO is the basic and very important tool to increase the ranking and visibility for any website, it helps others users to make your search more relevant and approachable which provides the result.

The main reason for seo is to make a brand for yourself, this helps to build more trust and credibility to website.



To improve website ranking and create a traffic for your website.