Why You Can’t Live Without A VPN In A Modern World

Why You Can’t Live Without A VPN In A Modern World

This is nothing new. we all know. If you get to Rome, you can do as the Romans do. It makes life very easy for you. In the modern world, things have evolved a lot, life became faster, steering away from the traditional. Almost everything has gone global, digital, fresh and different. Effectively using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is one of the most important skills a computer user should have. This is to protect your privacy and ward off intruders.

The VPN does not prevent hackers from infringing on your online privacy but it has a way of safeguarding you from being affected by viruses and malware. And of course, it could keep hackers at bay.

I just published my personal opinion, maybe you don’t agree

I’m not sure if preventing you from being hacked isn’t a job for some antivirus. VPN and apps like hide my IP mostly protects your private data, but not the hardware. Don’t confuse those who are not experienced.

Yes, you right naker,
I recently traveled from Indonesia (using dedicated Indonesia VPNs) , live without VPN isn’t possible anywhere either it is Indonesia OR Romania.

If you use a VPN, then you are safe from intruders and hackers. For example you get exploited using a MITM (Man in the Middle) attack and attacker tries to sniff your data packets using a tool like Wireshark or something else. He will not be able to decode your data and that will be nothing more than garbage.