Wikipedia Viewer Project feedback!

Wikipedia Viewer Project feedback!


Hello There!!
I have completed my Wikipedia viewer project and Here is the link.
Any kind of feedback is appreciated.Thanks in advance.


It is cool. Is it meant to have a haloween theme? It has a good design and looks nice. What would make it better is adding animate.css events to your result elements. This would be a cool addition. Here is a link to animate.css. Good Job!


hey @Bradley-77 thanks for your precious feedback and YES, i also want to add some fancy CSS animation in my projects but can you please tell me how can i use animate.css on CodePen.
As i am not a pro user and cannot upload files from github repo.


You can add the animate.css via the Add External CSS feature when you click on the gear for CSS pen settings. The animate.css link is one of the dropdown menu options. To learn how to use it, use the link that @Bradley-77 posted above.


Okk! i got the way to add animate.css. Thanks for your respond @RandellDawson.