Wikipedia Viewer Project (SOLVED)

Wikipedia Viewer Project (SOLVED)


Accessing the Wikipedia API

Hey guys, I’m trying to construct my Wikipedia Viewer, but it seems as though I am unable to call data from their API. I have done a lot of googling and watched many YouTube videos, but nothing is working? I have tried the .ajax() method and the .getJSON() method, but neither of them have worked.

In my code, all I am trying to run is console.log(data), which should show the data from the wiki API I am trying to access. Has anybody done this before and can help me???


I don’t think you’ve imported jQuery. At the top of the JS section, click the gear icon and then choose jQuery from the quick add dropdown on the bottom.


Oh my goodness…I’ve been working on this all day…Somehow I knew the answer would be something very minor. xD

Thanks, the code works now.