Will FCC ever have a "premium" or "pro" system?

Will FCC ever have a "premium" or "pro" system?


I just visited code academy, which I haven’t done in years, and noticed they now have a “pro” version where content is hidden behind a monthly pay-wall. Do you think FCC would ever go that route and how do you feel about coding instruction being gated behind a pay wall?

On one hand, I understand the site is a business and needs to make money. On the other, pay gates seem counter-intuitive to the mission statements many coding/programming teaching sites are born alongside.


I can’t really speak for Quincy, but I would expect a move in this direction to be extremely unlikely.

I just don’t think Quincy is really wired that way - and he just had a small pop at Coursera on Twitter about their free tier throttling.


Nope. If you want to give money to Free Code Camp, you’ve got to buy merch.


@ArielLeslie and @JacksonBates already said this, but just to make sure it’s official: no, we will never charge for freeCodeCamp’s curriculum, nor will we paywall it or have “pro” features. You can read more about this here: https://medium.freecodecamp.com/welcome-to-the-abundance-economy-there-are-free-lunches-all-over-the-place-b9d0a417fd1a#.h2lqmix8p


FreemiumCodeCamp? lol


@QuincyLarson I want you to know what a complete Godsend FCC is for me! I am excited to wake up for the first time in my 5 decades! I switched from CodeCademy’s paywall thingy to here, simply because I ran out of money - but I desperately need skills so I can earn a living again.

FCC is a life saver!


That Is the main reason I like freecodecamp. You don’t have to pay a buck in order to learn how to be a Web developer