Working full time in an IT Company & studying for Part-time bachelors degree

Working full time in an IT Company & studying for Part-time bachelors degree


Hi friends. I’m really confused. I already got a developer job in an IT company after doing a bootcamp for 6 months. The thing is, I have to earn a degree to withstand in the industry for a long time. So, I chooses a part-time bachelors degree in IT in the week-ends. The classes will be in Saturday & Sunday from morning 8.30 to around 6 p.m or will take up to 7.30 p.m since the lectures need to cover the whole weekday sessions.
And in the weekdays I have to work for the company.
I need some help. Because then, whole next 4 years would be a hell for me. No rest & everything.
Still I love the working experience I got. Is there any suggestions regarding this.?


Your best bet is moving to “remote work possible” positions. Lot of the companies allow their middle level developers to work remotely after they are with company for year or more and proven their experience. In cases like this you still need to visit workplace regularly, but you are generally allowed to have fluid schedule and do some of the work remotely.

So I would say for now you can just get experience and once you are confident in your skills and ability you can try looking for company like that or see if your current one allows it.

Fluid schedule like that will let you manage your time and make it less hellish while you studying.

Oh, and fact that it is for education can be good for those companies like that, lot of them are interested to support growing talent in hopes you stay with company afterwards. So just look for it once you established yourself as middle level, or ask about it in current company.


Thank you for your suggestion. Since, I’m a junior developer there, I won’t think I could get remote work.Anyhow getting a bachelors degree is the most important factor in my path. I would talk to the current company about this confusion. Will make a good decision.