Would appreciate some feedback on my first two FCC projects

Would appreciate some feedback on my first two FCC projects

Tribute page:

Form page:

I just want to know if you like the layouts, what you would change, and if the code is efficient. Thanks in advance.


Tribute page

Looks good. In your code:-

  • line 6 and 7 have the same id value and every id value should be unique
  • line 30 there is an opening p tag you didn’t close


It also looks good. In your code:-

  • line 38 you used the same id value twice and it should be unique
  • @ArielLeslie will comment on line 35 to 47
  • On the comment section, you should use placeholder attribute for text to be displayed. When placed between textarea open and closing tags its results to a default value when you want to enter the text you would have to delete the text which can be frustrating.
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Hey, thank you for the feedback. I am going to make those changes right now.

Tribute page: you have this on your css

html {
  font-size: 10px;

But don’t utilise it with flexible unit rem in your entire css file like you did in Form page.

Form: <label for="hobby">Hobbies</div>. Wrong closing tag.
Overall, everything looks great, maybe just don’t make it to wide.

Hint: in codepen you don’t need to write html and body tag

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Will fix those things as well. Thanks a lot. :+1:

Tribute page
It looks nice and simple, but I would change a little bit based on my preference, just for readability:

  • HTML line 38 and 42, <ul> should be placed at the same indent
  • HTML line 39 to 41, <p> should be placed in new line after <li>

Form page
It’s nice and easy to understand. I love the layout and the color, but I have a bit of suggestion:

  • HTML line 6 and 7, <h1> and <p> shouldn’t be ended with period. And it will be nice if you include some information about what is the form about? It is for some club or community application?
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For the Tribute Page
I would recommend adding some padding/margin to the text so they could be more centered and contrast better.

Will fix those things as well. Thanks a lot. :+1: