Would love some feedback on my Portfolio Page

Would love some feedback on my Portfolio Page


Heya! I just completed my portfolio page and would love feedback from the community. Thank you!


looks pretty good to me, just 3 things to mention.

there is an image in the header that doesn’t load.

you only use the “div” tag and I could be good to start using html 5 tags for better SEO ( “header section nav footer”)

finally, I recommend you clean up your CSS code because it looks like a little bit messy

I normally do like this

.class {
property: value;
property: value;


Thank you for the feedback! Ooh I to learn more about SEO’s, didn’t know using HTML5 tags would be better for SEO.

The image seems to load only on my laptop, I don’t know why. I have hosted the image on imgur and am using a link from there, is there a better way I could put the image in?


If I try to open the image it says " Access denied to i.imgur.com"
It may be some permissions or country restriction because i use imgur.com not i.imgur.com


if you take out the i. before imgur it let me see the img on imgur.com


I think the portfolio is pretty good for me. It contained basic HTML, CSS, JS skills. The image should show some information even it didn’t show up. For example, the image is your selfie, so you can make a alt name for the image like “My Selfie”.


I tried removing the i, but the image still doesn’t seem to open on my phone. Maybe I should use another image hosting site, would you have any recommendations?


Thank you for the feedback! That’s true, I completely forgot to have a description incase it doesn’t load.


I noticed that the down arrow displays over the menu bar when scroll down.

A quick css hack that should fix this is to a a style #arrow .fa {display: inline}.

If you could use a Hamburger menu for mobile screen sizes that would be great.


try uploading the img to google drive or dropbox


Thank you so much for the fix! I noticed that but didn’t know how to go about it. I’ll also look into the hamburger menu :slight_smile:


if the css selector I provided doesn’t work try#arrow.fa without the space in between.


It worked with just #arrow{display: inline}

. Thank you!


Pleasure :slight_smile: