Wow I got JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification

Wow I got JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification

Hi every one,
Today I’m very happy :laughing: I got JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification

I started FCC java in April 22, 2019 and after learning at least 10 hours every day I got the certification in 10 days.

To be honest with you I felt my brain is burning but the method Read-Search-Ask helped me a lot.

What I learned is :
1-Know the syntax
2-Figure out how to solve the problem before start coding
3-Split the problem into small problems
4-Before start coding something: ask yourself may be there is a ready JS method (for example Array.isArray() is a ready method to test if an object is an array so you don’t need to code it again)
5-deal with js like puzzle and have fun

Wow you can’t believe how i feel today, after looooong nights , now I’ll take a break because I’m exhausted :sleeping:

Good luck for evey one


10 hours a day? You must a superhuman

You gotta pass me your nootropics stack bro

Congratulations! I have only left challenge to complete in my case (but it has taken me 2 months I think …lol)


Awesome job! That certificate feels super good, for sure, and I think it is where the light at the end of the tunnel really starts to shine. It is a great accomplishment working through all the algorithms, and your bullet points on what you learned I think reflect exactly the intent and benefit of the course.


Thanks a lot

about the 10 hours to be clear it’s not continuous, I’ve about 3 hours morning then about 4 hours afternoon and finally about 4 to 5 hours at night

I don’t know but I felt addictive and impatient to get the certificate And honestly some times I felt my brain is burning when I stack but i couldn’t stop . Now I feel good

Thanks again and good luck for both of us bro


You’re reading my mind man, Yes really This certificate is like light after the tunnel.

Thank you so much


Hi Salim, does one get the certificate solving the questions at the end of the tutorials as well?


the only thing you need to do to get a certificate is to complete the projects - all the other challenges are there to teach you/prepare you but are not mandatory


Hi jakazzy
welcome to our community :slightly_smiling_face:
As said ieahleen you’ve 5 projects to do to earn each certification

Good luck

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ok, Thanks so much ieahleen, i just completed the algorithm challenges
Palindrome checker,
Roman Numeral Converter,
Caesar’s Cipher,
Telephone Number Validator and
cash register. Are those the projects for the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification?


Thanks so much @SalimDev :grinning:


Yes now go to setting in your account then accept the Academic Honesty Policy.
after this click on claim certification

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Thanks so very much @SalimDev I just got it :grinning:


Congratulations :grinning: !!!


Thanks so much!!! and same to you too :boom:


Ten hours …
I see the certificate and it stimulates me.



I’m sure that you’ll get it, just keep working hard

Happy coding


Awesome! Congratulations. :+1:


Congratulations @SalimDev
I wish you the best.

I want please, so how does someone apply the knowledge that earned you your latest certificate to real life situation now???


Thank you so much !!!


Brother PapiCode, now I’m learning react and I can’t imagine my self will understand react without javascript foundation.

React now is the most popular js framework and without a good foundation in js you can go far

This is the 1st fruit of learning js and I’ll see what next …

My advice learn and understand Javascript you’ll need it soon

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