xBall Game Socket.io

xBall Game Socket.io



Recently I started learning socket.io and I used my newly acquired skill to build a simple soccer game:
http://xball-multiplayer.herokuapp.com/ -> multiplayer version.
http://xballherokuapp.com/ -> 1 vs 1 local pc version

Any feedback is highly appreciated!

The multiplayer game runs slower than the local version but you can still play it on a decent internet connection :slight_smile:
Also, anyone who is willing to help improving it’s speed, here is the repo I’ve created on github.


Super fun game. Spent an hour on this. A+, would play again


Glad you like it @Bigghead!


very funny. just played it with 3
works cool


Great! Any lag? :slight_smile:


lagging? not really.


Great news then! Sometimes for some users it’s lagging. :slight_smile:


The game is really good :slight_smile: Anyone up for multiplayer??


We’ll soon set up some matches with teams :slight_smile: