Yet another Tribute page — Grace Hopper

Yet another Tribute page — Grace Hopper


Thanks for looking.If you have the time please check out my code. I would love for CodePen to show open/close tag pairs but it does not.

Here it is


Hi Lyrehs - Nice job. I feel I have a connection with Grace since I made my living for many years coding in COBOL - which is still in use today.



Very nice work, lyrehs. My two suggestions would be to center the h1, and then at the bottom in the last two h5’s add a container so that they aren’t aligned all the way to the left when resizing browser to mobile width.


Oooh. This is very clean. I love the way you did the quote off to the left.


Looks great!
One small thing I’d suggest is to make a css media query between around 768px and 990px that makes your h1 55px so it does not shift the bottom word to a new line and make it look a little disoriented.


Thank you for the suggestions and the positive feedback. And thank you for taking the time. I’ll have to take a close look at how it’s resizing.


Good idea on the media query. Thank you for that suggestion. I did see that it bumped to the next line. It is so nice to get feedback!