Yo, my portfolio

Yo, my portfolio


Oy guys, here - http://codepen.io/saltbrain/full/rrBzoP/ - is my first iteration of my portfolio page.

As you can tell, I’m interested in creative coding and coding as an art form.

With my current skills - html, css - I’m quite satisfied with how the page came out. One thing I would like to add soon is the scroll animation of the internal links. I’d like to see if I can specify exactly where the scroll stops and make the transition smoother.

Next is JavaScript!

Let me hear your thoughts!



This is pretty sweet! I definitely get the feel for your artistic flair - looking forward to seeing the next step in functionality.


Thank you for the comment buddy! Truly appreciated. Just started out - excited to where this leads.


Of course! Us newbies have to stick together :smile:


Really dig the style!


Nice work, love the choice of images and the minimalist style of the page!


Awesome! Greatly appreciated buddy!


Thank a lot buddy! I’m glad you did.