Just another FCC Hopeful who’s looking to move up in the world! I’m middle-aged though so I do fear the widely reported ageism in Tech but as a low-wage earner in this postindustrial Knowledge Economy of the 21st Century, I don’t have much of a choice, do I?

But more than just a job or even a career – even a “passion,” as it’s so important to dutifully repeat these days – I’m interested in programming as an eventual segue into mathematics and the so-called “hard” sciences; I’ve spent the first half of my life pursuing the eternal verities and, having understood them well enough to my own general satisfaction in most cases (why do bad things happen to good people? Science [statistics, really] has an answer to that!), I am ready to turn from the world within (psychology, history, literature, art) to that without. So: well met, friend! If you are well, I am well!