Hi all campers !

I am 40 years old, from Guadeloupe, a small, but bright French island in the caribbean sea, also known as part of the French West Indies.

I code since I am 9. I began on my Thomson TO7 70, then MO5, then AMSTRAD CPC 464 (with tapes) & CPC 6128, and then I discovered PC and started to code in C and Assembleur (machine language, I am not sure about its name in English), Pascal and Basic of course. The last years, I coded only simple websites, and I didn’t consecrate enought time to improve my coding skills.

Today I’m back in the game, and will humbly try to catch the “Object” paradigm that seems so strange to me. Among the new technologies I want to learn, my preference goes to Python, because of my Love & Total Respect for the Open Source concept. But I still wanna touch things like Java or Scala.