I don't have kids or friends. I have dogs and cats and a boyfriend. I hate network television and news, and I don't "game" only because I'm too old for that shit. I probably would have liked it if I grew up in that generation. I don't go to church; I don't believe in fairy tales, conspiracies, or magic.
Things that are important: Helping the helpless, finding love, finding truth, finding justice, seeing beauty, laughing.
Favorite comedians: Louis CK, Chappelle, John Oliver, Bill Burr, Sarah Silverman...
I drive a 2002 Mustang GT manual transmission that I paid cash for about 2 years ago. It runs beautifully. I will replace things that break until it's no longer the same car, and drive whatever it turns into until the end of time.
Someday, if I live long enough to learn to code really well, I hope to use my powers for good; specifically for helping victims of the justice system that are in prison for crimes they did not commit, or being severely punished for non-violent crimes.