OUAT, I graduated with an AASD in programming & systems analysis from MATC, but life took me in many other directions, sometimes still within IT, many other times not. I ran a BBS from around 1990-1995, called the Tower of Babble, with the major help of Scott Klement, who is an amazingly gifted, self-taught programmer who went to university to get that piece of paper.

I ended up in Indonesia for 15.5 years, teaching English, IT, Science, Health, and Social Studies, and even gave presentations about the environment and education (plus a bit about English). I ended up on TV due to my first speech, which was on public speaking. Years later, my wife was diagnosed with Ca Cervix, and we ended up on TV, in the print and online media, and so on, with our kids, several times between 2014 and 2016. My wife died of complications (a long, tragic story) and we were forced to flee the country (an even more tragic story) and so, I returned to my home town, Milwaukee, WI (at the behest of my kids, who wanted to enjoy winter).

Once again, I have taken up the mantle of programming, in order to become a webdev. I’m pretty oblivious when it comes to colors and layout, so I’ll probably have to work with a designer, or do back-end. I hope to become full stack.

I have several badges on Codecademy and Code School, and I’ve also studied on edX, Solo Learn, EH Academy, Plural Sight, Stack Skills, Udacity and Udemy…Those are the ones I can remember, anyways. :wink: