Hello, fellow campers! My name is Boško (or maybe Boshko), I'm 27 years old and I live in Serbia.

My interest in web development dates 10 years back from now, when I was in high school, playing with my friends and building simple "About Me" pages. I've always been enthusiastic and exited about building any kind of presentation, how it looks and works. I have H.B.Econ degree, but sadly, I recently release that is not kind of area where I can give 99.99% of me, to work with passion and with love, to create something and be creative. "It's never too late for anything," they say. So finally, I got motivated to do some changes in my life and started with googling how to learn to code without paying tones of money for courses. So, here I am, very happy to be part of this community.

I had some basic knowledge from high school, but a looooot of this has changed since then. Last half of year, I've learnt from many sources, like SitePoint, edX, Codecademy, YouTube videos, and now here on Free Code Camp thanks to recommendations on Medium. I've already know pretty much about HTML, CSS, little bit less about JavaScript and Bootstrap, but I need more practices and challenges so I hope I will find it here.