My passion for technology runs deep. My very first piece of technology was an Atari 2600 gaming console that my dad thought I deserved for being a good student. From there, I saved money to purchase my first home computer - the Commodore 64. Started to fiddle around with early assembly code on it, and became giddy at the outcome when compiled. Eventually, later on - I ended up having a few Amiga computers. Then started to build my own computer PCs and dabbled into OOP coding.

Now at this day in age, I enjoy putting websites together. Messing around with CSS design and learning the art of JS coding.

Eventually, I want to empower people in how technology can benefit all. At the same time use technology in protecting our home planet.

Check out my website below. It pretty much says it all regarding the need to protect the environment and this planet. It’s still work in progress but it will be a kick-ass site when completed.