If you are reading this, welcome to the World of Fa’rath.

If you had been following this individual from DAY ONE, you might have learnt of his past life in pure boring programming.

So yes, with nothing much to be said about him - he just started off as a C++ Developer doing assembly coding in his high school, moving on to Java at his University which kind of, landed him at his first job at Accenture.

And the stigma stuck onto him for some time.

Then, he tried to open the knobs of many doors such as - Data Analytics using Hadoop, automating Developers jobs (DevOps), doing UX, Logo Designs and blah blah.

Then, he realized that DevOps is the way to go at his current company Autodesk and currently, Fa’rath is riding a Unicorn towards DevOps at the speed of God’s.

But then, in this journey to the World of DevOps, he was exposed to the Magical Lands of Marketing (or rather Growth Hacking as how he used to call it) where he helped quite a few startups and bloggers with their marketing strategies using his Analytics mindset as well as his great networking skills.

From which, he formulated AFsyn.com where his only idea is to convey any ideas in it’s simplest form ever with a HUGE clarity.

But sadly, he suffered from the readership of his scribblings so what he is doing now is - teaming up with Coaches and Bloggers for them to hustle well.

So now, if you are still wondering what Fa’rath is hustling about - stop wondering, and why not you drop him a note at farathshba.fyi.to/aboutme or if you’re lost in his profile pages, then simply hit him up on [email protected] right away.

Caution: He loves to spam a lot on Unicorn rides to wonderful opportunities, so beware!