Joseph Chambers is a 32-year-old tech professional and junior full stack developer. He is currently focused on JavaScript and nodeJS. In December 2008, he founded KOMI Marketing, which continues to operate to the present day, increasing clients’ sales and developing their strategies with an eye toward meeting and exceeding their goals. Joseph has a reputation for focusing on usability, and he pioneered a number of conversion rate and funnel hacks that have led to greater profits for the businesses that he has served. Joseph is a leader in his field, known for putting out consistently high-quality work. He holds dual certifications in Google Analytics and Google AdWords.

Although Joseph is from Michigan originally, he has traveled all around the world, both for business and for pleasure. He and his wife Angelica have two sons together, Brandon and Bradley, living in Hermosillo, Mexico. In addition to tech, Joseph is passionate about travel and good food.