I started freeCodeCamp on November 13th, 2016. I got hooked on these challenges, blazed through them, and realized I’d made a huge mistake by tackling them like a puzzle instead of a learning resource. I hit the Front End challenges and crashed because I hadn’t taken my time and absorbed what was offered here.

So, I signed up for Harvard’s CS50 course through edx.org. Learned some C and some Python, but that course was brutal and took me a long time to slog through. I finally finished it, and jumped into MITx and took 6.00.1x and 6.00.2x.

After the MITx courses, I came back to freeCodeCamp and was amazed to see how far I’d come. Got some certificates, and now I’m going back and doing all the new challenges for the Front End side of things before starting the rest.

I’ve also dabbled quite heavily in Unity with C#. I love video games and I have a few ideas I want to realize someday, from a mobile puzzle game to a larger game that mashes up all my favorite genres (plus zombies).