Hey, I'm Jon. I'm 18 years old and I live around Charlotte, North Carolina. I've learned and practiced with HTML/CSS, JavaScript, various libraries and frameworks, and a little bit of Node.js over the last few years.

Most of my experience programming has been done in Lua, writing code for games on ROBLOX. I've learned a lot about programming from doing that, but I've never wanted to make games for a living. My real passion is the web. The things you can make and do via the web have grown so quickly with the advent of new technologies.

With ROBLOX and Lua I was at a point where anything I could think of, I could easily imagine how to make it or realize what I'd need to learn in order to make it. That's a great place to be, because that's where you learn the most; when you've gotten really good at getting better. That's where I hope to be with web development soon.