Hey there, my name’s Mackenzie–or Mack, if you’d like. I’ve been working through freeCodeCamp’s curriculum since late September/October in pursuit of making a career for myself in the tech industry.

I recently graduated from a regional-state school with a degree in economics, but I was very turned off by the jobs that were available to me. I’m a very reserved person that likes to spend a lot of time problem solving and tinkering. While studying economics really scratched that itch in school, the job market did not.

I’ve always been very interested in computers and programming since I was young. I was an avid video game player and customized my computer and installed tons of mods for my games. For some reason though, I always felt that programming was far out of reach for me. I didn’t know anybody that could do it; I felt like I wasn’t smart enough for it on my own.

So after graduating college, and at wit’s end, I decided to buy all-in on computer science and programming. If you’re considering taking this journey, but you’re afraid–don’t be. Programming can be hard to understand, but it isn’t impossible to learn. If this is something you truly want to pursue, then do it. You have this entire community behind you.