I am a self-thought and still learning Web Developer aspiring to be a Full Stack Developer and software engineer. I have learned a lot in my days of learning and work and through prayer, hard work, determination i have had my share of experience in my field of profession. I give my best and all to learn, help and give back and best of all to see to the achievements and progress of good results. I have self-educated myself and a proud Graphics and Website Designer, i can read and write code in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python … and the many still learning.
These skills are guarantee input of nothing but hard work and required progress, from small scale to professional supply. We provide a good business service at it’s best performance to the interest and satisfaction of customers. We are affiliated to KOODi, VOV(Virtual Operate Vivid), JAHSIGFAMILY and 3OF3. Great things the Lord as done and we are grateful for his given knowledge.