We are giving you even more control over how you make charitable donations to our nonprofit.

For starters, you can now accomplish all of the following actions yourself, right on our new donate page:

  • Create a new donation (monthly, annual, or one-time)
  • Stop a recurring donation
  • Restart a recurring donation
  • View your donation history
  • Update your credit card information
  • Change the amount of your current recurring donation
  • And download all of your donation receipts so you can deduct them from your taxes

By popular request, we now have more flexibility for how much you can choose to donate. A lot of people said they'd like to donate more than $5 per month, so we now have $35 and $100 options.

A lot of people also wanted to be able to make annual donations or one-time donations. So we now have those options, too.

We will soon support PayPal donations and other payment options as well. (As always, we support one-time cryptocurrency donations and you can send those to our crypto wallets directly.)

A Visual Walkthrough of our New Donate Page

Here's what the new donate page looks like when you haven't yet signed into freeCodeCamp.

The donate page

Once you sign in, you can input your credit card information.

Our highly-accessible credit card entry form

Once you've made a donation, you can manage your donation from the same freecodecamp.org/donate page. Just click one of the buttons under the "Manage your existing donation" section.

Note: If you have made a donation in the past, but the "Manage your existing donation" box is still grayed out, email me at [email protected] and I can help fix this for you.

Now that you're in the donation settings page, you will see a "show donations for [your email address]" button for each email address you've used in the past to make donations. Clicking one of these buttons will open up a powerful new dashboard:

A screenshot of the donation management dashboard

From here you can:

  • change your donation plan
  • cancel it
  • restart it
  • update your credit card information
  • or download donation receipts for your taxes

How to Change Your Donation Plan

You can switch from yearly to monthly or vice versa. You can also change how much you'd like to donate during each donation period. Just click the big blue "Change Plan" button.

A screenshot of the "Change plan" interface

You can select any of these. Again, we are a tiny nonprofit, and every little bit you can donate helps a lot.

How to Cancel a Recurring Donation

You can cancel a recurring donation by clicking the "Active" dropdown in the top right corner. Then you can click the "Cancel Subscription" button and confirm.

A screenshot showing the the "Cancel Subscription" button in the upper right hand corner under the "Active" dropdown

When you cancel a recurring donation, it immediately ends it. Your card won't be charged again.

How to Restart a Recurring Donation

You can restart your donation at any time by clicking the "Change Plan" button and selecting a new donation plan.

Remember to check that your credit card information is up-to-date. Stripe - the global payment service we use - will automatically fill in your credit card information from their servers.

Note that nobody at freeCodeCamp has access to your credit card information. We can only see the final 4 digits. We do this so that even if - heaven forbid - we ever get hacked, your credit card information will stay safe on Stripe's even more heavily protected servers.

How to Update your Credit Card Information

From the donation dashboard, you can find your credit card information. To the right of it will be a button that says "Update". Click on it and a form will appear where you can enter your updated credit card information.

A screenshot showing the credit card update form that appears when you click the "Update" button

How to Download Donation Receipts for Your Taxes

You can download individual receipts for each of your past donations.

As you may know, freeCodeCamp is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit. Donations to freeCodeCamp are tax deductible in the United States and many other countries around the world. (Check with your accountant if you are outside of the US and not sure about your local tax-deductible-donation laws.)

You can page through your past donations and download PDF files of each of your donations. These are identical to the receipts Stripe emails you each month when your donation is charged.

A screenshot showing the donation panel where you can click the "download" button next to each of your past donations to download its individual donation receipt for your tax purposes

Thanks again for donating to support the community. We are a tiny nonprofit with a big mission: helping people all over the world learn to code together.