Computer Basics: How the Internet Works

This is a brief and basic overview of how the internet works.

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Let's talk a little more about how the internet works.

We've already established that every device and router on the internet has its own IP address, which is assigned based on location.

Using these IP addresses, your device can talk to your modem, then to a router, which is set up by a web service.

The router would go to the domain name server, still just sending a request.

That server would send back the information that was requested, and it would go back to your device.

You might think this is fallible; if one step goes out, then the whole process is done.

But really, there are so many routers and so many routes that if even a big chunk goes out, that still won't really affect the functionality.

It's really amazing.

What I want you take away from this video is that your device, since it has an IP address, can send out a request for information, and that information will get back to your device via servers and routers that comprise the internet.

Now, this explanation is really quite basic.

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