Computer Basics: How To Measure Data Size

How the size/amount of data is measured, starting from a bit and going all the way up to a petabyte.

Today we're going to be talking about Data Size.

The smallest size we can have is called a bit.

That bit can only be a 1 or a 0, and that goes back go binary we've been talking about.

After that, we've got a Nibble, which is 4 bits, which isn't common but it's adorable.

The Byte, which is very common, is 8 bits.

A lot of things are expressed in binary Bytes.

After we get past the tiny bit and the small Byte, we get bigger really fast.

The next step up is a Kilobyte, 1024 Bytes, or 8192 bits.

After that there's Megabyte, or 1024 Bytes to the power of two.

Then it's Gigabyte, 1024 Bytes to the power of three; Terabyte, 1024 Bytes to the power of 4, and Petabyte, 1024 to the power of 5.

These get much bigger really quickly!