Computer Basics: More Computer Hardware

In this video we cover the basic functions of a motherboard, expansion slots, and power supply.

Let's quickly review - the 4 basic parts of a computer are the input, like the mouse or the keyboard, the output, which is seen on the monitor or heard on the speakers, the CPU, the central processing unit, and the memory.

Now memory can be short term memory, called RAM, or longer term memory.

That's usually as a hard drive, but it can also be a CD-ROM or a flash drive, anything like that.

In addition to those four basic parts, we have three more things we're going to discuss today: the motherboard, expansion cards, and power supply.

The motherboard is what connects everything.

While the data's flying around over here trying to figure out where to go, the motherboard helps route it so it goes to the right place.

Expansion cards are sound cards, video cards, that kind of thing that can really up your experience as a user.

Power supply is, as it sounds, what gets power to the computer.

It's usually that part that has a fan on it to keep it from overheating.

So let's do a quick review.

In addition to the four basic parts of input, output, CPU, and memory, we also usually have a motherboard, expansion cards, and a power supply.