Computer Basics: Types of Computers

This video covers the basics of supercomputers, servers, workstations, PCs, and microcontrollers.

Let's discuss the different types of computers.

The biggest type is called a super computer, a computer with lots of CPUs that work on the same problem at the same time using a technique called parallel processing.

The next type is called a server.

A server holds and accesses lots of data or programs.

Free Code Camp is hosted on a server which stores all of that information.

Let's talk now about a workstation computer - a computer that may look similar to a personal computer, but has a lot more power and is a lot pricier.

Toy Story was built on workstation computers.

Now, personal computers are by far the most common.

Maybe you've heard "I'm a Mac!" or "I'm a PC!", something indicating they're different, but really my own personal MacBook is still a PC, a personal computer.

It's both a Mac and a PC.

The last type of computer we'll talk about is a microcontroller, the type of computer you might have in your car that is really good at a small specialized task, but wouldn't be used the same way a PC would be.