JavaScript Lingo: MDN and Documentation

This is a basic intro to MDN and the concept of documentation.

MDN, Mozilla Developer Network, is a fantastic open source collaboration that documents not only JavaScript, but many other languages and topics. If you haven't heard of them, you should check them out now. I get lots of information from

When I say documentation, I am talking about information that is provided about the product to its users. The documentation at MDN isn't necessarily written by the people behind JS. Brendan Eich created JS in 1995, but it's now a community driven project that continues to grow.

As you continue to learn JavaScript, jQuery, and pretty much any languages or services for development or programming, documentation is your friend.

The faster you get comfortable reading and referencing documentation, the faster you will grow as a developer.

These videos aren't going to teach you JavaScript - you will be introduced to terms and concepts that will be valuable as you continue to practice and learn.