JavaScript Lingo: Variables & camelCase

We are going to cover what constitutes a variable, and the reasoning behind camelCase.

A variable also referred to as 'var', is the name or placeholder for a boolean, string, number, or another piece of static information.

You can use Google Dev Tools to inspect the Free Code Camp home page and look for some variables.

You 'declare' variables the first time with 'var' in front of it, but those can be referenced later in your script.

camelCase is the way that JavaScript pushes words together and still keeps them legible. The first letter of the first word is lowercase, along with the remainder of the word, but the first letter of every consecutive word is capitalized. There are no spaces. Examples: brianaLovesHerPets, bestFoodIsCheese, and codeIsWorthLearning.

When you name variables, utilize camelCase. Also try to keep the names descriptive and short so that others (and yourself!) can tell what that variable is referring to just by the name.