What Do Programmers Do?

Programmers (a.k.a. coders, developers, or software engineers) solve problems by turning big ideas into tiny steps that a computer can understand.

In this video, we'll discuss what programmers do.

Programmers can also be called coders, developers, or software engineers, and what all of these people do is take ideas and turn them into functional code.

It's not just creating that code, but also maintaining it.

Let's look at how the computer looks at code, specifically JavaScript.

The computer looks at code one line at a time, and as you're writing code, you will notice numbers on the left hand side.

The computer literally goes down line by line, making sense of what each line has to say.

Everything is done sequentially, just straight down, so referencing something that is below and hasn't happened yet will lead to a problem.

Computers just read straight down like you would read a book.

Programmers are the ones responsible for breaking their ideas down into the little tiny steps and writing them in a way that computers can understand them.