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Best Gitter channels on: VR & AR

Virtual reality is one of the biggest tech trends and a hot topic of 2016. Investment in that sector reached over 1 billion dollars early this year, while new applications of the technology are being uncovered daily — VR is now expected to transform education, travel, corporate training, healthcare, and even financial services. To give you an example, in April a surgery was livestreamed globally in VR for the first time, while attendees of this year’s Sundance film festival could enjoy more than 30 VR-related experiences.

VR craze has reached Gitter too! Check out the list of channels below and don’t hesitate to join the conversation.

  • highfidelity/hifi — High Fidelity (hifi) is an early-stage technology lab experimenting with Virtual Worlds and VR. This community is dedicated to open, decentralized virtual world using sensors to control avatars and dynamically assigned devices as servers.
  • pupil-labs/hmd-eyes — Building blocks for eye tracking in Augmented Reality AR and Virtual Reality VR or more generally Head Mounted Displays HMD.
  • OSVR/OSVR-Unreal — OSVR is an open-source software platform for virtual and augmented reality. It allows discovery, configuration and operation of hundreds of VR/AR devices and peripherals. OSVR supports multiple game engines, and operating systems and provides services such as asynchronous time warp and direct mode in support of low-latency rendering. OSVR software is provided free under Apache 2.0 license. OSVR is maintained by Sensics and Razer.
  • CoolGames/OSVR-HDK-Info-from-Cool-Games — This is a GitHub Contribution to the OSVR Project as Lee T. Davy develops his application using VR.
  • wantedly/AiR-PingPong Project to hack a ping-pong table of Wantedly in AR
  • vrpn/vrpn The Virtual-Reality Peripheral Network (VRPN) is a set of classes within a library and a set of servers that are designed to implement a network-transparent interface between application programs and the set of physical devices (tracker, etc.) used in a virtual-reality (VR) system. The idea is to have a PC or other host at each VR station that controls the peripherals (tracker, button device, haptic device, analog inputs, sound, etc). VRPN provides connections between the application and all of the devices using the appropriate class-of-service for each type of device sharing this link.
  • artmobilis/ArtMobilis — Project software documentation for a digital art in public space journey — a journey of digital works in augmented reality produced by artists.

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