Most developers I know listen to music while they code.

When the meetings are over, the headphones come out.

Music can help you stay focused, and drown out the noise around you.

So we created Code Radio - a 24/7 live stream with jazzy beats you can listen to while you code.

Code Radio's playlist already has more than 1,250 relaxing songs - all curated by Los Angeles-based music producer Lawrence Yeo.

Code Radio has its own chat room and a chatbot called NightBot. You can tell NightBot whether you like the current song by typing !like or !dislike in the chatroom. Then Lawrence can use these data to refine and expand the playlist.

Like everything else on freeCodeCamp's YouTube channel, Code Radio is completely free. It doesn't even have any advertisements.

So grab your headphones and start listening to some Code Radio while you work. Here's a link to Code Radio.

You can introduce yourself in the chat if you want. You can also subscribe on YouTube and turn on the 🔔 so you'll get notified when we publish new free programming courses.

Enjoy the tunes, and happy coding!