Saturday night in New York City, the freeCodeCamp team hosted a party to recognize top open source contributors within our community.

We live-streamed the party and edited it down into this highlight video for your convenience. In it, I make some opening remarks, then interview several prominent freeCodeCamp contributors:

  • Marek Troszczynski, leader of the Oslo freeCodeCamp study group
  • Meghan Maloy, leader of the New York City freeCodeCamp study group
  • Ethan Arrowwood, who is building freeCodeCamp's upcoming interactive Python curriculum
  • Toni, who has edited hundreds of articles on freeCodeCamp's Medium publication
  • Jennifer Bland, a developer who has authored a number of videos and articles for freeCodeCamp
  • Stuart Taylor, who re-architected freeCodeCamp's new learning platform and coded the freeCodeCamp Guide
  • Bill Sourour, who has been programming for more than 20 years and built projects for many major Canandian companies and government agencies
  • Rafael Rodriguez - authored hundreds of freeCodeCamp Guide articles
  • Victoria Kariolic - founder of the New York City freeCodeCamp study group
  • Mike Semko - freelancer and freeCodeCamp study group leader
  • Johnny Bizzel - developer and moderator on the freeCodeCamp forum
  • Manish Giri - open source contributor and grad student