Git is a version control system used by software developers to track changes in applications and collaborate on projects.

One feature that makes Git more dynamic is branches. Developers working on a project can work in different branches before merging their changes with the original code or the main branch.

Sometimes, you might want to see the branches you and other collaborators have created. And that’s what I’m going to show you how to do in this article.

How to Show All Remote and Local Branch Names

To see local branch names, open your terminal and run git branch:

N.B the current local branch will be marked with an asterisk. In addition, if you’re using Git bash or WSL’s Ubuntu as your terminal, the current local branch will be highlighted in green.

To see all remote branch names, run git branch -r:

To see all local and remote branches, run git branch -a:

You can see detailed information such as the local or remote branches in use, commit ids, and commit messages by running git branch -vv or git branch -vva:


This article showed you how to list branches while working with Git.

Being able to list the Git branches of a project can help you learn more about the project and get to know what your team members are working on.

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Thank you for reading.