Gatsby is a framework for creating blazing fast websites and web applications. Powered by React and GraphQL, Gatsby gives you everything you need to build and launch your next project.

In this course from Andrew Mead, you will learn everything you need to build and launch your first site with Gatsby. You’ll build a website from scratch and learn how to get it deployed to production with tools like GraphQL. Some things you'll learn:

  1. How to create a Gatsby Site
  2. Working with Gatsby Pages
  3. Linking Between Pages with Gatsby
  4. Creating Shared Page Components
  5. Creating Gatsby Page Layouts
  6. Styling Gatsby Projects
  7. Styling Gatsby with CSS Modules
  8. Gatsby Data with GraphQL
  9. GraphQL Playground
  10. Sourcing Content from the File System
  11. Working with Markdown Posts
  12. Generating Slugs for Posts
  13. Dynamically Generating Pages
  14. Rendering Post Data in Blog Template
  15. Adding Images to Posts
  16. Getting Started with Contentful
  17. Rendering Contentful Posts
  18. Dynamic Pages from Contentful
  19. 404 Pages and React Helmet
  20. Deploying Your Gatsby Site

You can watch the full video course on the YouTube channel (5 hour watch).