Redux is a popular open-source JavaScript library for managing and centralizing application state. It is commonly used with React.

We just published a complete course on the YouTube channel that will teach you how to use Redux.

Nikhil Thadani developed this course. Nikhil has created many technical courses on his YouTube channel.

In this course you will learn how to use Redux with ReduxToolkit Library to create an application involving HTTP requests.

Here are the topics covered in this course:

  • Basic Terminologies
  • Counter App with react-redux
  • Using Redux Toolkit
  • Shopping Cart Project - Introduction
  • Shopping Cart Project - Auth Slice State
  • Shopping Cart Project - Cart Slice State
  • Incrementing and Decrementing Items From Cart
  • Adding Logout State
  • Using Firebase with Redux
  • Sending asynchronous HTTP Requests with Redux
  • Adding Notifications with Material UI
  • Adding Notification slice state
  • Using Redux Thunk Pattern
  • Creating Thunk Pattern with redux
  • Sending GET HTTP request with Redux

Watch the full course below or on the YouTube channel (2-hour watch).