Update August 2020: Thanks for your interest. We are now sold out of backpacks. We will make an announcement once these are available again.

Backpacks are to developers what shells are to turtles - essential parts of their bodies.

Backpacks distribute the weight of books, laptops - and pilfered snacks - across your entire upper body. They free your hands for hugs and high-fives.

Whether you're walking between classes or lining up for a hackathon, a good backpack will make your life a lot easier.

That's why I'm thrilled to announce our new Limited Edition 2020 freeCodeCamp Backpack.


Note that the photos images here are from our 2019 edition with our old logo. Our 2020 edition instead features our newly-redesigned freeCodeCamp "bonfire function call" logo in thick indigo embroidery.


This new backpack boast a sleek brushed-steel looking cotton exterior.

It offers tons of ergonomic padding for your back, and easy-tug zipper lines for your hands.

And it has compartments for all of your belongings. You can squirrel-away your entire life into this thing.

It even has a USB port for charging your devices while they're in your bag, and a detachable key fob.

Here's my 90-second hands-on demo of its key features:

We evaluated dozens of suppliers to find the perfect backpack - a high-end build that can stand up to the rigors of hackathons and subway commutes alike.

For just US $40 + $20 shipping worldwide* you get a Limited Edition 2020 freeCodeCamp Backpack.

(* shipping not available to the International Space Station or other orbital craft.)


And if you really want to support our nonprofit - like super-duper support us - we will send you a Limited Edition 2020 Top Supporter backpack if you make an additional one-time donation of US $200.

(We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, so your donation may be fully tax-deductible in your country. If you aren't sure, ask your accountant.)

This is the same backpack, but with the additional words "2020 Top Supporter" embroidered onto it, recognizing your support of our nonprofit.

That may be a lot of money for you. So I'll give you a moment to listen to this awesome Dora the Explorer Backpack Song while you think about it.

So I know what you're thinking: "All right, enough. Where can I get my freeCodeCamp backpack already?"


Again, we've sold out of these backpacks for now.

If you're going to carry the world on your shoulders, do it in style.

Peace. Love. Backpacks.