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25 Coders Worth Following on Twitter in 2015

Our community upvoted the following 25 coders, in no particular order, as “Coders Worth Following in 2015”:

Brendan Eich (@BrendanEich)
Brendan Eich invented JavaScript, co-founded Mozilla, and has served as its CTO and CEO.

Sara Chipps (@SaraJChipps) NYC-based JavaScript developer and cofounder of Girl Develop It.

Addy Osmani (@addyosmani)
An engineer on Google’s Chrome Team. Author of Developing Backbone.js Applications and Learning JavaScript Design Patterns.

Jafar Husain (@jhusain)
Specialist in building web servers and clients using Functional Reactive Programming. Architected Falkor, a RESTful data access framework that powers most Netflix clients.

Pamela Fox (@pamelafox)
Coding curriculum designer at Khan Academy.

Eric Elliot (@_ericelliott)
A veteran JavaScript architect who’s on a mission to end homelessness with code. He wrote the popular book Programming JavaScript Applications.

Jen Myers (@antiheroine)
Chicago-based web developer at Pluralsight. and founder of Code and Cupcakes, a series of mother/daughter beginner coding events.

Brad Green (@bradlygreen)
Engineering director at Google. Manages AngularJS and GreenTea (CRM) Author of the book AngularJS.

Christian Heilmann (@codepo8)
A United Kingdom-based Microsoft developer. He translates complex technical concepts into an understandable format for general audiences. He’s published books on JavaScript, API design, and Accessibility.

Kyle Simpson (@getify)
An Open Web Evangelist and JavaScript enthusiast from Austin, Texas.

Sara Soueidan (@SaraSoueidan)
CSS and SVG expert. Author of the Codrops CSS Reference and Smashing Book #5.

David Walsh (@davidwalshblog)
Madison, Wisconsin-based web developer and evangelist for Mozilla. Runs the popular David Walsh Blog.

Marijn Haverbeke (@marijnjh)
Creator of CodeMirror and author of Eloquent JavaScript.

Henrik Joreteg (@HenrikJoreteg)
Creator of Human JavaScript and creator of and Ampersand.js.

Lea Verou (@LeaVerou)
Cambridge, Massachusetts based front-end developer and Author of CSS Secrets: Better Solutions to Everyday Web Design Problems.

Max Ogden (@maxogden)
Portland, Oregon public data enthusiast and creator of JavaScript for Cats.

Jen Dewalt (@JenniferDewalt)
Creator of 180 websites in 180 days.

Misko Hevery (@mhevery)
Agile Coach at Google. Heavily involved in AngularJS and JsTestDriver.

Amos Haviv (@amoshaviv)
Creator of MEAN.js and contributor to Node.js, MongoDB, and AngularJS.

Roie Cohen (@roieki)
Contributor to MEAN.js.

John Resig (@jeresig)
Creator of jQuery and developer at Khan Academy.

Tracy Chou (@triketora)
Engineer at Pinterest and popular Quora answerer.

Valeri Karpov (@code_barbarian)
Maintains Mongoose.js. Author of Professional AngularJS. Coined the term “MEAN stack”.

Paul Irish (@paul_irish)
Works on Chrome DevTools. Contributor to Modernizr, Yeoman, CSS3 Please and HTML5 Boilerplate. Curator of HTML5 Rocks.

Chris Coyier (@chriscoyier)
Designer at CodePen. Author at Real CSS Tricks. Podcaster at the Shop Talk Show.

Axel Rauschmayer (@rauschma)
Munich, Germany based web developer. Author of Speaking JavaScript.

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A big thanks to @biancamihai, @rattanak, and @serhiicss for submitting these coders to our Camper News site, and all of our community for upvoting them.

Originally published at on June 9, 2015.