by freeCodeCamp

25 Free Resources for New JavaScript Developers

We asked our campers to share their favorite free resources for new JavaScript developers on Camper News. The list includes some time-tested books as well as podcasts and videos you may not have heard of yet.


Eloquent Javascript is modern introduction to programming and JavaScript by Marijn Haverbeke. There is also an annotated version of Eloquent JavaScript by Gordon Zhu.

JavaScript for Cats by Max Ogden is an introduction for new programmers that is so easy your human companion could do it too!

The JavaScript Way is written by freeCodeCamp contributor Baptiste Pesquet. It’s a free and open source introduction to JavaScript.

You Don’t Know JS is a series of books by Kyle Simpson dive deep into the core mechanisms of the JavaScript language.

Human JavaScript by Henrik Joreteg is a book about a specific set of tools, patterns, and approaches optimized for people.

Speaking JavaScript by Axel Rauschmayer was written to help programmers learn JavaScript quickly and properly, and also to deepen your existing skills and look up specific topics.

ExploringJS covers ECMAScript 6 in great detail, but is structured so that you can also quickly get an overview if you want to.

JavaScript Allonge by Reginald Braithwaite covers functional programming in JavaScript.

JavaScript Spessore by Reginald Braithwaite is written for the reader who has read JavaScript Allongé. It covers functions, closures, and prototypes.

What is Code? is an interactive essay by Paul Ford on what code is and why it’s important.

Professor Frisby’s Mostly Adequate Guide to Functional Programming covers functional programming in JavaScript.

Programming JavaScript Applications by Eric Elliot focuses on intermediate JavaScript coding.


NodeUp is a Node.js podcast put together by @ffloat and @dshaw.

JavaScript Jabber is a weekly podcast about JavaScript, including Node.js, Front-End Technologies, Careers, Teams and more.

Five JS Podcast is a weekly five-minute podcast is released every Thursday. You can follow them on Twitter or subscribe with iTunes or RSS.

This Developer’s Life delves into different aspects of the life of developers. Patterned after NPR’s This American Life, it features interviews and eclectic music.

The CodeNewbie Podcast is podcast with stories from people on their coding journey. New episodes are published every Monday. You can follow them on Twitter @CodeNewbies


JavaScript: The Good Parts is covered in this YouTube video from its creator, Douglas Crockford.

Level Up Tuts born out of the need for better instructional documentation.

DevTips features weekly videos on the subject of web design and development.

Other Resources

The project is an online environment for interactively exploring programming languages.

The MDN JavaScript Guide is a great reference and provides an overview of the language.

Codewars provides interactive user-submitted coding challenges.

CodinGame lets you practice JavaScript syntax through fun interactive coding games.

jQuery Fundamentals walks you through common problems you’ll be able to solve using jQuery.

A big thanks to @biancamihai, @daylightsavings, @elliescode, @_maximization, @ovivoicu, @duttakapil, @RomuloLazarde, @MatthewHarames, @ka11away, for submitting these resources.