Here are three links worth your time:

  1. 3 JavaScript questions to watch out for during coding interviews (5 minute read)
  2. An interview with freeCodeCamp and Mozilla contributor Shubheksha Jalan about how she got started contributing to open source (42 minute listen)
  3. Nobody wants to use software (4 minute read)

Bonus: How can insects like bumblebees accomplish so much with tiny brains? (9 minute read)

Thought of the day:

“If the automobile had followed the same development cycle as the computer, a Rolls-Royce would today cost $100, get a million miles per gallon, and explode once a year, killing everyone inside.” — Robert X. Cringely

Image of the day:

Here’s a word cloud of the most common words used in JavaScript code. You can explore these for all programming languages here.

Happy coding!

– Quincy Larson, teacher at freeCodeCamp