Project 4 from JavaScript Algos and DS Certification.

We're continuing our journey through the FreeCodeCamp JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification! Last project was the Caesars Cipher, the third entry in our series. You can check it out here.

Now we're doing the Telephone Validator. Our job is to determine whether a given phone number is a valid US number or not.

This video covers:

  • What regular expressions (RegEx) are.
  • Popular regex tools.
  • A useful tool to analyze them.
  • Testing strings against regex.
  • An analysis of two solutions.
    • One is faster, yet harder to read.
    • The other is just a bit slower, but much easier to read.
  • and more!

You can watch the full video on my YouTube channel.

Here's a link to the entire playlist as well.