In this highly competitive tech market space, companies are always looking to get a leg up on their competitors through the best web design and development.

But when you're building a modern business app, you need to keep market competition and digital experience trends in perspective for a modernized and marketable application for your business.

But before you do that, I will give you some information about the role of artificial intelligence in web development. Then we will see some of the most popular AI and machine learning frameworks for building web apps in 2020.

So now let’s understand the role of AI and machine learning in web development.

The Relevance of AI and Machine Learning In Web Development

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are popular technologies that allow web applications to learn and observe from a user's preferences and habits.

AI-enabled websites are on-trend everywhere. One reason is that AI uses genetic algorithms and neural networks to build artificial intelligence into web applications from scratch. And this is now easy to implement for most companies.

Why Incorporate AI and Machine Learning into Your Web Development Process?

They Delight Your Customer Support Team

Setting up an AI chatbot on your website can improve the whole customer support experience and can help you provide your users much better assistance.

It communicates naturally, understands your emotions, and can respond to the most complex questions, even if the questions are not connected to your product, service or industry. So, if you want to grow your business and take your business to the next level, do not hesitate to implement a AI chatbot.

Examples of Chatbots Available on the Web:

Capital One's "Eno": Capital One is a banking organization that offers financial products and surveys. They use Eno, a chatbot to help customers manage their queries related to their transactions, account balances, and analyzing their spending habits.

MedWhat's Virtual Medical Assistant: Powered by machine learning, the MedWhat’s chatbot provides quick responses to questions based on behaviors that it learns by interacting with users. This chatbot makes it easier for both patients and doctors to discuss and diagnose health issues in a faster, easier, and more transparent manner.

Domino’s “Dom”: This is the interactive Pizza Bot that allows you to order food from the Domino’s site. The Domino’s chatbot offer sa full pizza menu, tracks deliveries, and can also track your previous orders and consider them for re-ordering.

They Help Maximize User Experience (UX)

AI UX (Image Source:

AI and machine learning help you understand your customer’s preferences. A website with AI and ML features helps you analyze your customer’s preferences, search history, and even location. This way you will be able to design and improve your website according to the needs of your customers. You can also give them a better customer experience by updating your UI accordingly.

Implementing AI solutions to your online shop will help give your customers a more personalized shopping experience, as if everything was created exactly for them only. AI and machine learning creates a real world atmosphere on your website that motivates customers to make a purchase.

Take as an example – it's of one of the biggest online shopping portals and it uses AI and ML for product recommendations. It also helps the company identify user preferences, and all this is based on previously tracked data by Amazon’s AI solution.

They Provide Fast Access to Information

Voice-Based Search Functions (Image Source:

Business owners are looking to add voice-based search functions to their websites, as it is becoming more and more popular. Apps like Google Assistant, Siri, and Cortana that support voice-enabled search functions give users fast access to information.

Suppose you are an online clothing retailer. You can use voiced-based search systems to help your customers find the clothing types they want with complete product information such as price of the item, fabric type, size, color, and length.

They Streamline Your Marketing Strategy

AI in Marketing (Image Source:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology have been used by marketing teams for making major marketing decisions and market predictions based on what is in demand.

The technology works by analyzing a user’s behavior by finding out what type of products a user likes and other preferences. This data will help marketing teams to decide what changes should be done in order to increase sales and improve conversion rate.

The potential of AI and machine learning in web development hasn't escaped the attention of top companies such as Google, Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft Launch.

They've all come out with AI toolkits and APIs for featuring natural language understanding and machine learning features in modern web applications.

Learning to integrate and implement AI technology into your site is definitely feasible.

Top AI and Machine Learning Frameworks For Web Development

But the bottom line comes down to how effectively business leaders implement AI into their web development processes.

To help you out, here are five innovative AI and machine learning frameworks for web development to keep an eye on in 2020 and beyond.



Quick stats:

  • Developed By: Google Brain Team
  • Founded In: November 2015
  • Written In: C++, Python, and CUDA
  • Platforms: Linux, macOS, Microsoft Windows, Android, JavaScript
  • Latest Release: 2.1.0 / January 8, 2020
  • Architecture: Flexible for cross-platform development

Ever since its introduction in the year 2015, TensorFlow has been a favorite machine learning framework amongst the web developers. This is because the Google Brain Team, the creator of the framework, has built it in such a way that it lets developers use machine learning in JavaScript or in Node for numerical computation at once.

It also helps teams build web applications using machine learning models with JavaScript and its modules which are responsible for recognizing different core functionalities of real-world interactions and objects.

It brings the features of AI and machine learning technology to the front-end, so the users can have real-time experiences of the real-world from a web browser.

Businesses of all sizes are using the Tensorflow machine learning framework for transforming their web development process so that the end-users can leverage the benefits of machine learning and AI predictive analysis.

Model building is greatly influencing the web development process. And TensorFlow uses multiple abstractions and powerful libraries to form and train models for the creation of complex technologies.


The result is code with some higher-order functionality, as well as code that is easier to read, write, debug, and work with. TensorFlow uses the high-level Keras API that not only makes the code cleaner, but can also reduce the code length to create the models.

After creating models, you can apply distributed methods in TensorFlow to reduce the training time of the neural network models on different servers. The idea is that you can perform multiple coding experiments over different servers. With full control over the servers, TensorFlow allows developers to experiment with code that occurs in the network for any operation.

All these features and functionalities help you get started with TensorFlow easily.

Apache Mahout


Quick stats:

  • Developed By: Apache Software Foundation
  • Founded In: April 2008
  • Written In: Java and Scala
  • Latest Release: 0.14.0 / 6 March 2019
  • Platforms: Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Flink, Scala+
  • Architecture: Flexible for cross-platform development

The Apache Software Foundation along with a group of developers maintains Apache Mahout. It is an open source machine learning framework that allows web app developers to design huge web applications. These applications are designed to help data scientists and statisticians to perform various mathematical algorithms.

Professional web developers recommend this framework in 2020 because it improves the performance of web applications by using distributed linear algebra frameworks with mathematically expressive R-Like Scala DSL for distributed algorithms. It also offers scalability, simplicity, and speed.

Mahout uses the Apache Hadoop library to build scalable supervised and unsupervised machine learning systems in the cloud. Developers can use Mahout for creating recommendation-based engines to perform functions such as classification as well as grouping and mining large volumes of data.

Apache Mahout has the clustering implementations that are supported by algorithms like K-Means, Canopy, Spectral, Dirichlet, Fuzzy K-Means, and Streaming K-Means. Clustering can help developers to discover and organize elements in distinct groups based on the similarity between items.

This is why the Mahout-based web applications can characterize their customer groups based on purchasing patterns, product classifications, and grouping of items.

Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit


Quick stats:

  • Developed By: Microsoft Research
  • Founded In: 2016
  • Written In: C++ and Python
  • Latest Release: 2.7.0 / 26 April 2019
  • Platforms: Windows, Linux
  • Model Types: Support feed-forwards DNNs, convolutional and recurrent neural networks

Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit is yet another open-source deep learning framework. You can add it to web programs through high-level and low-level APIs for building neural networks. It passes knowledge to web programs through API optimizers and offers a number of components to measure the performance of neural networks.

If you want to create dynamic web applications, it is a perfect deep learning framework. Thanks to its functionality, scalability, and speed, you can keep cumbersomeness coding at bay. CNTK based web applications are efficient for image recognition, voice recognition, handwriting.

It supports both convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and recurrent neural networks (RNNs/LSTMs). CNTK is an extensible library and you can also use this in your Python, C#, or C++ programs, or as a machine-learning tool through its own model description language (BrainScript).

Additionally, it boasts 64-bit Linux or 64-bit Windows operating systems that you can install from the pre-compiled binary packages, or from the GitHub library.

Its support for the ONNX format (Open Neural Network Exchange) greatly influences the web development process with AI and machine learning technology. It uses AI models with a variety of frameworks, tools, runtimes, and compilers. This is why CNTK is one of the best machine learning frameworks in areas such as speech recognition, predictive analysis, and understanding large unstructured datasets.

Many big tech companies use this framework for their web development because of its capabilities in these areas.



Quick stats:

  • Developed By: Berkeley Vision and Learning Center
  • Founded In: 2017
  • Written In: C++ and Python
  • Latest Release: 1.0 / 18 April 2017
  • Platforms: Linux, macOS, Windows
  • Architecture: Expressive and allow innovation in web development

This is a perfect deep learning framework for those who think that big things come in small packages. Yes, if you are looking for a flexible deep learning framework, Caffe2 is what you should go for. Developers love to use it as it is flexible and easy to develop code.

With the help of extensible code, it enhances your application's performance. The best part is developers just need to have basic knowledge of C++ source code.

It offers bindings for Python and MATLAB. And, your app code won't be complicated, as it supports state of the art code and models. It has pre-trained networks of Caffe2 Model Zoo for scenarios that include web development and research experiments.

One of its biggest benefits is its speed – it can process over 60M of images on a daily basis with a single Nvidia K40 GPU.

There are various firms using the Caffe2 deep learning framework for building web apps with image segmentation and classification features. Caffe2 is able to provide a swift and fast development process that is mainly possible because of its convolutional neural networks.

Also if you use the Caffe2 Model Zoo with a set of the pre-trained models you can opt for a complete no-code development process.

Apache Singa


Quick stats:

  • Developed By: Apache Software Foundation
  • Founded In: September 2015
  • Written In: C++, Python, Java
  • Latest Release: 3.0.0 / April 20, 2020
  • Platforms: Linux, macOS, Windows
  • Architecture: Logical system to support distributed training frameworks

Last, but not the least, Apache Singa is a popularly used deep learning framework for web development. It is quite versatile and developers can use it for creating web applications for an array of businesses. It offers several advantages, not just to the app developers but also to app owners.

Apache Singa has numerous features including flexible architecture for distributed training, and three main components:

  • the Core component for memory management,
  • the IO component for data analysis, and
  • the Model component for NLP and image recognition.

Currently, the Apache Singa team is working on the idea of SINGA-lite and Singa-Easy for making AI and deep learning more accessible and easy to use for developers.

If you are looking for an extremely popular, secure, speedy, and flexible framework for building deep learning models, Apache Singa is what you need to go for in the year 2020.

At present, SINGA systems have been applied to healthcare apps for analyzing electronic medical record (EMR) data. There are many more companies using Apache SINGA to build useful data types applications.

In the End

You might have already heard about all these AI and machine learning frameworks for web development. There are, of course, other frameworks out there. But according to my analysis, these 5 frameworks will be the winners this year.

You can use these frameworks for building awesome web apps and reaching out to your users worldwide through your web apps. This will help you increase your customer base, which in turn leads to the success of your business.

If you need services like that, and don't have the resources to set them up yourself, then you should hire a company that offers custom web development services according to your requirements.

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