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Best Gitter channels on: Rust

Rust is a programming language developed by Mozilla Research, and backed up by a big open source community. Its development started in 2006 by language designer Graydon Hoare.

Rust began as experimental project, but quickly flowered into full-blown development effort.

Rust is close to C and C++ in terms of the kinds of programming it can handle, but it lets you work in a much safer way by forbidding the use of code that could cause crashes due to memory problems.

Focused on “type safety, memory safety, concurrency, and performance,” Rust is intended for reliable system-level programming, as much as for distributed client/server applications.

Rust was not meant to be simple — it’s goal is rather to make working with that complexity more practical.

Check out the Gitter channels related to the Rust language below, and don’t hesitate to join these conversations.

  • rust-lang/rustA channel dedicated to Rust, a safe, concurrent, practical language.
  • gfx-rs/gfx — A high-performance, bindless graphics API for Rust.
  • Geal/nom — nom is a parser combinators library written in Rust. Its goal is to provide tools to build safe parsers without compromising the speed or memory consumption.
  • tomaka/glutin — Alternative to GLFW in pure Rust.
  • gtk-rs/gtk — GTK+ 3.x bindings and wrappers for Rust
  • nickel-org/— An express.js-inspired web framework for Rust.
  • Kintaro/wtftw — Window Tiling For The Win. A tiling window manager written in Rust.
  • tokio-rs/tokioTokio is a one-stop-shop for all your async I/O needs in Rust. At the heart of Tokio is the futures crate to model asynchronous computations, and you’ll find all layers from futures to event loops to protocols to services in the various Tokio crates.
  • iron/iron— Middleware-oriented, concurrency focused web development in Rust.
  • gchp/iota — A simple text editor written in Rust.
  • tomaka/glium — Graphic stack for Rust.
  • kbknapp/clap-rs — A simple and efficient Command Line Argument Parser written in Rust.
  • tailhook/vaggaVagga is a containerization tool without daemons.
  • Ogeon/rustfulA light HTTP framework for Rust.
  • rustless/rustlessREST-like API micro-framework for Rust.
  • arrayfire-rustRust wrapper for ArrayFire.
  • hyperium/hyperAn HTTP library for Rust.
  • Immington-Industries/way-coolerCustomizable Wayland compositor (window manager) written in Rust.
  • ruRust/generalRussian speaking Rust community.

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